2024 4th International Conference on Smart Grid and Energy Internet (SGEI 2024)


Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

◕ Smart Grid

· Distributed Energy Resources: Renewable Generation, and Storage

· Power Electronics and Grid Interface 

· Energy and Distribution Management Systems 

· Monitoring, Protection and Control in Energy Systems 

· Smart Grid Technologies for Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Energy Conversion and Storage 

· Transmission System Technologies, HVDC and FACTS 

· Distribution System and Substation Automation 

· Information and Communication Technologies for Smart Grids, Interoperability and Cyber-security 

· System Integration of Dstributed Energy Resources, Islanding and Microgrids, Hosting Capacity 

· Power Electronics, Control and Protection Systems for Smart Grid Applications 

· Monitoring and Control of Power Quality in Smart Grids 

· Smart Grid for Multi-domain Applications 

· Power Quality, Protection and Electromagnetic Compatibility 

· Power Engineering Power Generation Technology 

· Electric Drive and its Application 

· Large Power Grid Stability Control 

· Power System Communication and Control 

◕ Energy Internet

· Modeling, Simulation and Design of Energy Internet 

· Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Energy System  

· Energy Storage 

· Smart Power Distribution and Microgrid 

· Equipment Core Technology of Energy Internet 

· DC Grid 

· Internet of Things 

· Cyber-physical System and Information Security for Energy Internet 

· Global Energy Internet 

· Energy Efficiency 

· Energy Strategy and Energy Internet

· New Energy System and Control